People come to countries like the United States and Canada fleeing all kinds of hardships; war, rampant unemployment, violent drug cartels, oppressive government, or other people hostile to them or their way of life. Sometimes people born in the supposedly safe countries face some of these hardships. An LGBTQ person born into an ultrareligious fundamentalist family. A person of colour in a predominantly white, predominantly intolerant region. A person whose religion or culture is the scapegoat of the latest anti-other fervor, making them the “other”.

For many reasons people may need to get out of where they are, and get to a safe area. During Hitler’s Germany some people lacked the resources – money, usually – to travel, and were forced to endure and try to survive.

Some refugees fleeing other parts of the world make it to the united States but find their refugee claim denied. Desperate, they try to make their way to Canada. As we’ve discussed before, it can be a long and dangerous trip. In December two men were found almost dead from the cold while crossing the US border into Canada. They lost all their fingers to frostbite.

Still more are US born citizens who feel threatened due to their religion, ethnic origin, gender, sexuality, or for other reasons.

We in the Resistance have reactivated the Underground Railroad. Through a network of volunteers and donations we help at-risk people to relocate, providing food and accommodation along the way where possible.

For those planning on crossing an international border, our network of religious and community leaders and volunteers can help them find emergency accommodations in a new community, food, and job placement and immigration advisers to begin a refugee or employment visa claim.

If you’re at-risk, please use this form to let us know what your needs are. We do NOT charge for services.

If you want to help, please make a donation and/or join us today!

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