One of the first questions asked is “okay, but what can I do?” This is normal; sometimes problems like an oppressive government or environmental disaster seem to big for one person to take on. That’s why we organise and come together. One snowflake has very little impact, but bring enough together and you have an avalanche.

First, understand what the White Rose Resistance is and the activities we take part in:

The good news is you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.By joining with us you have a variety of ways you can help, all of which are important. We’re looking for people who want to resist the Trump government and can do one or a combination of the following:

In addition to the general help above, we’re looking for people with particular sets of skills:

  • Leadership:
    • Establish and run a group in your area
    • Keep your group motivated, energized, and ready for action
    • Spearhead group functions
    • Maintain group morale
  • Logistics & Events Planners:
    • Find local happenings such as town hall meetings for groups to attend
    • Co-ordinating events from small group meetings to mass protests
    • Arranging venues & negotiating with suppliers
    • Co-ordinating drivers
  • Drivers:
    • Transport people to and from meetings, events etc.
    • Transport people at-risk to a safe space or the next hand-off point
    • Transport supplies e.g. picking up a shipment of signs from the post office or printers for delivery to your local group
  • Journalists, bloggers, & vloggers:
    • creating content (articles, videos, photos, etc.) for our site
    • writing articles or filming segments on the White Rose Resistance and our efforts
  • Lawyers & paralegals:
    • Help draft legal rights pamphlets to be distributed to protesters
    • Attend protest training and inform potential protesters of their legal rights and obligations
    • Assist protesters who are detained for protesting
    • Advise people seeking refugee status in the US or Canada
    • Research the legality of some of the questionable Trump administration plans and orders, e.g. the lawyers resistance to the travel ban

If you have any of the above abilities or desires to help, we need you.

Tell us a bit about you and what skills you offer: