Who We Are

and why we fight

The United States is now led by a man who openly derides the media. Anything they say that he doesn’t like is brushed off as “Fake News”. He signs executive orders that the courts resist, and judges find themselves blasted in White House announcements or removed from their posts. Women’s rights and health care are being reduced. Rules to keep the 1% capitalists in check are being removed, because that 1% are “Friends of Trump.” The government wants to build a wall and a network of visa freezes to exclude those born in countries he doesn’t personally do business with.

These are not the ideals America was founded on. This is not our country. It is up to us to restore this nation to that shining city on the hill, a beacon of hope for everyone.

WRR is concerted activism designed to protest and resist the Trump government when its policies harm the liberties of the American people, and those wanting to become Americans. From targeting members of Congress to make the government hear us, to public demonstrations to make the media hear us, to a modern “underground railroad” to move at-risk people to safe areas, WRR aims to be a thorn in the side of those who would pervert the promise of American liberty for their own profit or racist agendas.

The name of the movement comes from the resistance group founded by Sophie and Hans Scholl while Germany was in the grip of fascist Naziism.

Seemingly every day the Trump government releases a new order or proposes a new policy that puts business interests ahead of those of the American people. We will not become a Fourth Reich. We will #resist.